26 Jun

OMG! Shoes! Shewz!!!

So today I want to jab and jaw about a ladies’ favorite thing which we all know is SHOES! Shoes are the ultimate accessory to any outfit for whatever occasion.  Of course a purse is the probably a very close second but this post is dedicated to a woman’s most prized possessions…he GIANT shoe collection!

I know there a million different kinds and colors of shoes we can discuss here and I could write for days about all my different shoes because I literally have hundreds of shoes ad each and every one of them hold a special place in my heart.

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15 Jun

Tank Tops to Tango on the Town?

Ok so it’s almost summer….or at least according to the calendar we still have a few days of spring left here in Lexington but for all intended purposes it’s summertime.  The weather is already HOT and things are beginning to get a little dry…..no offense California I know we have no idea.


But as things heat up across the country so do the outfits.  Girls are wearing less and less these days  but that’s been more than a trend for a long time.  The new thing that grabs me is that guy are now wearing less and less too!  Skinny jeans, short “preppy fit” shorts and now TANK TOPS!


Can you believe kids these and what they wear out on the town?  Admittedly I don’t get out much.  But last time we went out on the town we ended up renting a limousine from http://www.lexingtonluxurylimo.com.  As we were tooling around town and leaving dinner our driver took us downtown near some of the clubs.  Obviously, we were too old to be hitting any of these hipster joints but we noticed a group of guys getting out of another limo that night.  There were like 9 of them and I bet 4 of them had tank tops on.

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8 Jun

Fat People in Skinny Jeans



So I need to rant here a little.  What is it with all these skinny jeans and who the hell said it was supposed to be fashionable?

How can Euro trash be a fad or fashion?  How comfortable can your gonads be all wadded up in your pants?  Don’t you know that can make you sterile?

I’ll give some guys the benefit of the doubt.  Small petite guys who have some flare can obviously pull this off better than the awkward twinkie eating fat kid who has yet to figure out he’s better at wearing baggy clothes and playing video games .

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5 Jun

Welcome to my new website and blog

Hello all and welcome to my world!  Yes it’s my world and you’re just living in it….or at least that’s what my dad used to say…lol


No really though…we are going to have blast on here.  Talking about all the latest fashion trends…good and bad.  What worked in 1987 doesn’t necessarily work today…even if Abercrombie and Fitch tries to say so…i’m looking at you guys in the “preppy fit” shorts strutting around campus.

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