5 Jun

Welcome to my new website and blog

Hello all and welcome to my world!  Yes it’s my world and you’re just living in it….or at least that’s what my dad used to say…lol


No really though…we are going to have blast on here.  Talking about all the latest fashion trends…good and bad.  What worked in 1987 doesn’t necessarily work today…even if Abercrombie and Fitch tries to say so…i’m looking at you guys in the “preppy fit” shorts strutting around campus.

Sometimes the classic look can be ok…and other times…well..not so much.  Today I want to blog a little bit about some current trends that I find utterly amusing.


Let’s start with those preppy fit shorts.  I have one word…AWKWARD!  Yes you young tweens and teens.  This is quite frankly the most awkward time in your life.  You’re trying to find yourself and find your place in the world.  You’re trying to figure out who you are where you belong.


Let me say this, those short shorts aren’t doing anything for you Mason.  You like a 1980’s country clubber wannabe.  Just saying…


I guess it may be cool now but you’ll look back in five years and LAUGH!  As i am laughing right now just thinking about how it must feel to wears those kind of shorts.


But the sad thing is there’s hardly ever an in between.  Either clothing companies make their shorts too short…or they are way too long below the knees.  It’s like no one can be themselves anymore.  You can’t be just average American.  You’ve got to wear the preppy fit for the next 2-3 years and then some other silly trend will come along and that will be the be all end all.


You can wear the super baggy surfer skater look.  You know….the ones that look about the lengths of JAMS.  Remember those?  Everyone had to have a pair of JAMS.  So ugly…so trendy at the same time and soon OVERPRICED!


I look back on those days and laugh.  I never had a pair because my parents were too poor to afford them.  My mom offered to make me some out of some wild material she had lying around.  I wore them one day until people teased me about my “Coat of Many Colors” that my momma made for me…LMAO!!


So every post I make on here won’t be making fun of teenage attire or Mom Jeans I promise.  But I will indeed poke fun at some of the current and past trends just for my own amusement purposes.


Check back weekly to see what i’ve found on the web for you to explore.  Good deals on past season’s attire, price breaks on the latest fashion or simply a good place to get a good deal on something wearable.




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