19 Jun

What Ever Happened to Pastels?

Isn’t it so funny how every year or so a new color scheme or theme emerges only to be SO LAST YEAR.  I recall walking into the GAP several years ago.  I used to shop there religiously.  I liked the styles they carried and the price point wasn’t bad either.  But isn’t it funny how perceptions and fads change over time?

Maybe it’s just me or maybe things really do change so much and I’m super keene on that.  the GAP used to be my go to place for all of my clothing needs.  Of course I’ve grown up now and my taste has changed.  Maybe the clothes in there are just too young for me.  Maybe it’s something more.

It feels like the store has just cheapened its style and fabrics.  I’m sure they’ve always been an oversees venture but it just feels generic to me in there these days.  It all began with the pukey pastel phase that started several years back.  I walked in and my eyes hurt from the colors.  I was so annoyed by the new schemes that I walked out not to return for several months.  Every time I entered it seemed I was more and more disgusted at there twist on fashion and it became more and more difficult for me to find clothes.

I was by now a young professional.  Far removed from the trendy college days and trying to fit in with everyone else.  Maybe I had finally become my own person and just wasn’t sure where to shop now that I was comfortable in my own skin.  But the pastels certainly would not make me feel right and I knew better than to try and jump on that bandwagon.  For starters, I’m fair skinned so pastels would only make me look pasty.

So it seemed that I now how nowhere to find just normal clothes for the young professional without looking like an out of place college kid.  Therefore I began venturing into other stores and found things here and there that were OK but no place ever grasped my heart quite like the GAP once did.  In fact, I am still looking for that same store some 10-15 years later.  If you find someplace please let me know.

But back to color thing.  That year it was pastels.  Then plaids…which are ok but one can really go overboard with their wardrobe when it seems every retailer is trying to latch onto that trend and ride the wave of sales.  I’m guessing that people (kids…or their parents) actually do invest yearly into the latest greatest clothing designs.

I simply want some normality back in my wardrobe.  I don’t want to wear the neon things that are now all the rage.  I recall when that stuff was in style back in the 1980’s and I can attest that I absolutely despise everything 80’s.  The music…ughh…the hair…the wallpaper..the TV shows and all of the clothes.  I hate everything 80’s and I hate all the kids now who think the 80’s were cool.  There’s NOTHING cool about the 80’s kids.


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