26 Jun

OMG! Shoes! Shewz!!!

So today I want to jab and jaw about a ladies’ favorite thing which we all know is SHOES! Shoes are the ultimate accessory to any outfit for whatever occasion.  Of course a purse is the probably a very close second but this post is dedicated to a woman’s most prized possessions…he GIANT shoe collection!

I know there a million different kinds and colors of shoes we can discuss here and I could write for days about all my different shoes because I literally have hundreds of shoes ad each and every one of them hold a special place in my heart.

Running shoes….let’s face it…I don’t run but I do indeed love a nice flashy pair of running sneakers to accent my weekend attire.  I do have an expensive monthly gym membership that I maintain year after year and so I MUST have a snazzy pair of sneakers to style around will make an appearance.  I love all of the new bright and vibrant fluorescent colors that are now so popular.  For a while I resisted but as far as my training and running shoes go, the flashier the better!

Boots…oh how I love all of my boots.  Country western cowboy boots, clod hoppers, snow boots and of course POINTY BOOTS!!  I love them all equally.  But one boot in my closet has really disappointed me.  Those are my Uggs.  I’ve heard some others talking about how they have been guilty of animal cruelty and mistreatment.  I haven’t personally seen any documentations but I also do not doubt it.  Therefore, I have placed them on the shelf and have felt too ashamed to wear them at all at this point.

Flip flops and sandals are a summertime favorite of course.  Nothing is more liberating than letting your feet breathe in the warm summer air.  I can’t stand wearing shoes in the summer and I’m almost always rocking some sort of open toed shoe from mid March until early November.

I really like Chaco sandals for the outdoor activities.  Hiking down a warm summer trail and down to the creek or around the lake.  Chacos make going up and down hills much more manageable than being in any other sort of flip flop or open toe attire. But I must say I was the biggest fan of Chaco when they were hand made in Colorado.  Now they are made in China so I don’t have quite the same loyalty to them as I once did.  I hope they are still good stewards of the rivers and the environment even though they have exported their operations to China…..can’t say I’m not disappointed but I’m not sure there is a better hiking sandal out there.

So as you can tell this post is riddled with information about companies that I certainly liked at one time and still wish I could support their businesses but I cannot rep companies on here that I no longer support their overseas operations.

Olukai is a prime example of the kind of company that I cannot support.  I love their styles and the unique flair they brought to the table a few years ago.  They rep this Big Island Hawaii attitude and at one time they were handmade in the islands but now I notice the quality has declined and low and behold they are now made in China!  So much surf in Hong Kong you know!!


Anyway, it’s hard to find shoes these days that don’t employ some 8 year old kids or aren’t manufactured in a place where they have total disregard for the environment or humanity.  So where do we now turn to support our shoe fetishes?  It seems as though we have no other choice than to buy from companies that manufacture their things within the United States.  Those companies are very far and few between.


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