22 Jul

The Coolest Skirts For A Long Hot Summer


Summer is here, the days are warming up and the evenings are just as hot. Whatever state you live in, one thing is for sure: the arrival of summer means the switch to a whole new wardrobe. Forget about the pastel shades of Spring, and the long, flowing clothing, it’s time to embrace the fun that the summer months bring. Nothing says summer more than a skirt, and there are some exciting new trends in women’s skirts that are about to hit a street near you. Here are some of the latest fashion tips for skirts and dresses this summer.

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9 Jul

A Midsummer’s Nightmare

OK so it seems I’m always talking and making fun of those who cannot seem to get it that what was cool when you were in high back in the 1980’s isn’t cool at all not.  I’m talking about the doo rag.  The bandana thing that people wrap around their heads before they go out to dinner.


Obviously if you have hair loss due to some sort of tragic disease or medical treatment this post isn’t directed at you by any means.  Who this post is directed at is the bearishly overweight middle aged man that still attends Styx and Def Leppard concerts on an annual basis.  Sorry bro but those bands went out with the 80’s as well.


I’m talking about those guys who may or may not have motorcycles, who probably more than likely work in construction during the day and drink a 12 pack or of Coors Light every night.  He may also be the guy that still smoked cigarettes despite all of the Surgeon General’s warnings and the fact that his dad and mom both died of lung cancer.

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