22 Jul

The Coolest Skirts For A Long Hot Summer


Summer is here, the days are warming up and the evenings are just as hot. Whatever state you live in, one thing is for sure: the arrival of summer means the switch to a whole new wardrobe. Forget about the pastel shades of Spring, and the long, flowing clothing, it’s time to embrace the fun that the summer months bring. Nothing says summer more than a skirt, and there are some exciting new trends in women’s skirts that are about to hit a street near you. Here are some of the latest fashion tips for skirts and dresses this summer.

70s Skirts


The seventies seem like another world away, an age before technology existed, the land that fashion forgot. Before you rush to make that judgement however, you may want to think again. One fashion outfit the seventies gave that is still at the cutting edge of style is the midi skirt. British model and television presenter Alexa Chung wore one recently, and it set the fashion pages alight. Mid length and made of suede, it had people across the globe sitting up and taking notice. Whether you prefer midi skirts or short skirts, suede is certainly going to be a major fabric this season. Suede says Bohemia, it says artistic, it says creative, that’s why wearing a suede 70s skirt this summer will be saying all the right things about you.


Rising Hemlines For Rising Temperatures


You work hard to keep in great shape, and with our ever unpredictable climate you won’t always get the chance to show your legs off. That’s why, when the mercury in the thermometer starts to rise, your hemline should start to rise too. Mini skirts are back in fashion in a big way, so don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to embrace your inner fashion model. Whether you’re a size six or a size fourteen, a well constructed and stylish mini skirt can still be the center piece of a great look. Some of our hottest celebrities have been wearing a mini lately, and you can imitate them by wearing short skirts with bold patterns. One great example is the Tatiana mini skirt, available at Oasis and other online fashion retailers. It has a fun and funky Aztec design and is a great choice for a hot summer.


Dresses Made With Summer In Mind


Skirts are going to be the staple of your fashion wardrobe, but it’s vital to have a bit of variety as well. One way to achieve this is to have a dress to switch into for that special occasion, or when you really want to impress someone. This year’s summer dresses are long and yet daring. That’s right, the long dress doesn’t have to be frumpy, it can be exciting and dazzlingly innovative. Take a look at Olivia Palermo’s summertime long dress. Once again, it has a retro inspiration, yet it takes this to a whole new level with a bold central cutaway. It’s a style that you’ll be able to emulate when you shop at your favorite online fashion store, and you can accessorize it with chunky bracelets and necklaces.


Floral Prints That Catch The Eye


The United States has a lot to offer in the summer: beautiful beaches that attract sun worshippers, great theme parks, and fantastic carnivals at cities from east coast to west coast. One of our greatest treasures of all, however, is mother nature herself and its our summer flowers that are behind one of this summer’s most exciting trends. Floral patterns are this year’s must have design, so every fashionable young woman has to have at least one floral skirt in her weaponry. Bright, bold colors and floral patterns that are in your face do more than catch the eye, they capture your heart as well. You can find floral skirts in maxi, ,midi, and mini sizes but to really capture what summer 2015 is all about, the mini floral skirt is hard to beat. You’ll look a million dollars, and good enough to be walking down the catwalk with Kendall Jenner or Cara Delevingne by your side.


Whatever skirt fashion you adopt, or even if you prefer to go with the long dress long, wear it with pride. Be confident in yourself and your look, and tell the world that you’re going to rock this summer.

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