What are we doing here you ask?

There is nothing fancy about anything I’ll ever post on here.  I’m a hard working single mom that spends a little time posting and blogging about things I enjoy reading, talking, writing and chatting about.

Take everything i say on here with a grain of salt.  Most of it is for my own amusement and quite honestly it may even make me feel better about myself…LOL

So please don’t be offended if i say something about an article of clothing that you wear or love.  It’s nothing personal.  Really.  It’s just something for me to blog about and really nothing more…nothing less.

I’m not perfect by any means.  I’ve been outgrowing my clothes ever since my son was born so it’s becoming harder and harder to feel anything less than awkward in clothing I happen to THINK might be hiding many of my physical flaws.

So I’ll add some fat girl flare on here as well as delve into some fitness clothing trends and ideas.  After all, it’s always a journey….not a destination.

You’ll sometimes click over here and realize I’m not talking about fashion or clothes at all.  I could be telling you about my recent vacation with the girls or time with family.  My mother is best friend and she’s the person i spend most of my free time with.

She’s in her early 60’s and quite dazzling for her age.  She’s  yoga instructor and works 3 jobs on top of that.  one hard working and beautiful lady.

So you may see me post things on here geared toward older women and their fashion trends.  I shop with my mom a lot and I do think…as do most others…she is as sharp as they come for a lady in her 60’s.

Last but not least I will from time to time blog about men’s clothing, men’s underwear and mean’s dress clothing and attire.  i have a few favorite website i shop on and when I find a good deal on something I will more than likely say something about it on here….that is after i’ve placed my order…hahaa


So check back frequently.  This is supposed to be fun and light hearted.  Nothing stuffy or pretentious.  Just good girl fashion with a little extra this and that mixed in.  Heck i may even talk about makeup or blenders….or my new favorite wine.  This is going to be a lot of fun…for me at least!


I don’t ever mention names on here especially when i’m referring to a fashion faux pas.  I will poke fun…lots of fun and it’s meant to be in good spirits.  It’s never meant to demean or degrade anyone…BUT…I will make references to muffin tops and beer bellies often so if those offend you please move on now…Ha!